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Wine Cellaring
Wine Cellaring

Cellaring wine involves storing young fine wines until they are at a point where the optimum drinking pleasure can be achieved. Some wines not only become more interesting with age, but can actually require ageing to ensure them a pleasant drinking experience.

Wine is a living substance and needs to be carefully nurtured and protected. It is sensitive to storage conditions and is one of a few consumable products that can improve with age. However, if conditions are anything less than perfect, your precious investment could well be ruined.

It is with pride that we announce that our company, once again as a pioneer in our field, has acquired a large central warehouse in Limassol that has been equipped with ideal storage conditions for cellaring wine. This underground facility offers ideal cellaring conditions for wines – visits to our warehouse are welcome, but by appointment only.

In order to guarantee ideal storage conditions for long cellaring of wines, we have invested in the biggest mechanical Wine Cellaring Unit in Cyprus. With this investment, SPECTUS is the only company in Cyprus and one of the very few in the world that can offer this specialised wine cellaring service to its customers.

Any wine, in order to develop its aroma and taste, must be cellared at the right temperature and humidity conditions – if not, the wine will age in a short time. The right cellaring conditions are even more important in Cyprus, due to the particularly long and hot climate that can have a negative effect on the ageing process of the wine.

Cellaring conditions affect the rate at which wine ages and develops its characteristics (aroma and taste). Storage is a critical stage in the life of a wine and to ensure that your wines are matured to perfection, you must never take anything for granted.

Creating a fine wine is painfully difficult and requires specialist skill, dedication and care.

Ruining it in a poor storage can also be painfully easy.

With the SPECTUS Wine Cellaring Service, we are dedicated to ensuring that wine is stored in nothing but the finest conditions.

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